TWELVE December

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TWELVE December

Year 2010 is over and we are crossing the finish line of Michal Prokop's life docu-series. Starting twelve months ago, we had just a roughshow more concept in our heads and a foggy idea where it brings us. Our ambition has never been to amaze by action, camera, or a crazy cut. We were well aware that TWELVE is not for everyone and a part of audience will refuse it. We haven't planned to cover all the races, to make full World Cup documentary or to catch Michal 24 hours a day. So far we have apparently been successful... If we managed to get more comprehensive sight of Michal's life, then the whole project had a sense. Behind the camera, it was surprising to find that we can better understand ourselves by documenting the life of another human being. The last part of TWELVE is a flashback. It wasn't a bad year at all for him and it's worth to recall some moments. It's just amazing how much can be done from spring throughout to winter. It was a whole lot of places visited and experiences collected. We thank you for being with us and we wish you to keep something to remember. TWELVE project ends, but Michal's life with bikes not at all! So, who knows... See ya in 'twelve?show less

  • Håvard Wallin
    Monday Jan 17, 2011 at 15:22

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