Friday Sep 26, 2014

Sam Pilgrim looking forward to big 2015

Sam Pilgrim has promised fans they will see a lot more of him on the FMB World Tour next year after a difficult 2014 season.

The British rider has only taken part in a few major events this summer despite winning the tour in 2013 in impressive fashion.

He landed on the podium at five of six events that year, winning one and coming second in three, but felt the pressure as defending champion going into 2014.

It's been crazy this year. The level is really insane now...

Still, he has two runner-up medals from Swatch Prime Line and Swatch Rocket Air this year and has set his sights on returning to the top of his game in 2015. But the 24-year-old also admits that he has seen the level of tricks reach a whole new level in recent weeks.

“It’s been crazy this year,” he said. "I did a few events and they were really sick. I was watching the other events and the level is really insane now.

“Two years ago I did the first flat drop backflip, with no kicker. At the time I felt like that was kind of crazy. Next year it will be standard manoeuvre.

“It has been crazy every year. Progression has to happen or you can’t do well in the competitions.

“I won the world tour last year and felt crazy pressure, so I wanted to miss them a little bit this year. You’ll be seeing loads more of me next year.”

 Sam (right) on one of his two podiums this season 

If you can’t wait until then, the Monster UK rider will be in action this weekend as he hosts the Sam Pilgrim Big Air Invitational, as part of The Cycle Show in Birmingham, England.

The unique ‘cash for tricks’ format means there is no outright winner, with prize money awarded for the best individual tricks.

And Pilgrim believes the set up will ensure the already high level on show this season will continue at his invitational.

“It’s going to be fun,” he added. “The course is looking good. It’s all working well and we’ve got a brand new kicker built for us.

“The bigger the trick you do the more cash you get, so I think the level is going to be really big. We’ll have a good level here because everyone in the world has stepped it up.

“Obviously it’s Red Bull Rampage this weekend as well so some other guys are going to that but we’ve got really cool guys coming here.

"There’s loads from England like Sam Reynolds, Matt Jones and Ray Samson. I want some cash so I’ll be doing some big tricks and everyone else will be pretty crazy!”

To watch the Sam Pilgrim Big Air Invitational head down to The Cycle Show on Saturday 27th September and Sunday 28th September. Practice starts at 11am with the comp between 1pm and 3pm.

Click here for tickets and more information.

 Get down to The Cycle Show this weekend for the Sam Pilgrim Big Air Invitational 

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