Wednesday Aug 31, 2011

SCOTT11's world championship diary - Day 2

An update from the SCOTT guys who are getting ready for the World Champs in Champery -

"Yes, it's started. Riders are on course, finding their lines, tuning their bikes, choosing their tires, wearing funny national colors, getting ready for the big showdown on sunday. The Champery track is faster than ever as it's hard packed and dry, which made it difficult judging the speed and choosing the right tires, trying not to overshoot the turns. The track that has been built by put a smile on the athletes face and Emilie Siegenthaler couldn't even get rid of it anymore. The wonderful sun did it's work as well, and so there's nothing to complain about. The fact that the athletes are taken care of by their national teams even gave the team managers some time to ride some laps on the cross country course. Our chief-photographer Sven Martin and I tried to keep up with XC-Legend Thomas Frischknecht, which will make let us sleep well tonight."

Make sure you get your access codes for the World Championships LIVE from Champery.

Channels: UCI MTB World Championships 4X 2011, UCI MTB World Championships DHI 2011, Mountain Bike