Wednesday Jun 15, 2011

r.s.p news update - Leogang

The first practice on thursday was the last occasion to ride a dry track.

The qualification and the finales were held in soaking wet conditions. After fridays qualification Wichman was in 3rd, Slavik in 6th, Marosi and Jurg Meijer both did qualify easy aswell.

We were happy to see that Jurg did qualify for the race, after his horrifying crash thursday. Saturday night means race time! A bunch of enthousiastic fans made their way to the Leogang Sportsarena, a bit of rain could not stop them!

Slavik was once again on a roll all night, and did win al his rounds. Wichman had 2 easy runs, but in the quater he missed the gate and there was no way he could make up for that.

Marosi had to battle hard all night, but unfortunately he also did not make it thru the 1/4 finale. Jurg, who still suffered from his crash, went out in the second round. In the finale Slavik battled against Prokop, Graves and Graf.

After the first turn Slavik is in 4th, on the long straight he managed to pass Prokop and gets a nice 3rd place! Congrates to Tom. Results RSP Mountainbike Team:

3rd Thomas Slavik 12th Michael Marosi 13th Joost Wichman 31st Jurg Meijer

Next event: 2th of July; UCI 4X World Cup MSA, Canada

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