Wednesday Jun 15, 2011

Gwinn fastest in Leogang, but Minnaar holds on to the lead in Kabuto Speed Trap.

v> Aaron Gwinn took first place at Round 3 of the Downhill in Leogang, AUT, with both the fastest time of 3:44.181 and highest speed of 53.02 km/h... closing the gap to just 0.46 km/h between himself and Greg Minnaar at the top of the Kabuto Speed Trap contest.
Gwinn's top speed was matched only by Marc Beaumont, the pair of whom were the only riders to exceed 53 km/h in the speed trap section at split 2.
Due to technical reasons, no top speeds were recorded in Fort William… so the Kabuto Speed Trap contest continued to hot up in Leogang.
Minnaar's flying run in Pietermartitzburg allows him to retain the overall lead in the Kabuto Speed Trap… but with World Cup title rivals such as Gwinn, Atherton, Hill, MacDonald & Smith registering some of the highest speeds in Leogang, can Minnaar hold onto his lead in Mont Sainte Anne?
Stay tuned to find out, with Round 4 of the DH on Sunday 3rd July: LIVE and Exclusive HERE.

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