Thursday Jan 29, 2015

10 questions for…. Wyn Masters

Crazy kiwi Wyn Masters, ambassador for our friends at EXTREME, answers our 10 quesitons on World Cup Downhills and shredding everywhere from NZ to Italy....

Age: 27 Born in: New Plymouth, New Zealand Live in: All over the place but between Europe and NZ Sport: Downhill MTB Years with Extreme: It’s just begun!


Q. How did you get into your sport and what do you love about it?

“It all started just by building jumps in my backyard with mates and my brother. The jumps got bigger and we got better and started racing and it kept rolling from there.

“I love the amount of likeminded people in the sport. There are always good times to be had and everyone can relate even if they are from opposite ends of the world.”


Q. What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

“Winning NZ title in 2010 would be one and making it on to a World Cup team was always a goal growing up. Now I have been racing for six years on the World Cup circuit.”


Q. What do you want to achieve in your sport in the future?

“Continue to be consistent at World Cups and go for the top 20 overall, and keep progressing forward. The main one is to keep having fun!


Q. Who inspires you the most in your sport and why?

“Probably Steve Peat still at the top at 40 years old is pretty damn impressive and he also always has time for his fans.”


Q. What is your favourite place to ride and why?

“To ride downhillit would be the Pila to Aosta track in Italy because it’s super long, rough and a real track.

“For dirt jumps it’s definitely Gorge Road in Queenstown! For trail biking it would have to be Craigieburn Forest in NZ - so many sick trails there.”


Q. What music is on your playlist when you ride?

“Nothing specific really, it’s been a bit of everything lately. Right now I am loving ‘In Colour’ by Shapeshifter.”


Q. Which Extreme Sports Channel show would you most like to star in and why?

“Nitro Circus because it would be good times all round.”


Q. If you could be a pro at any sport other than downhill, what would it be?

“Maybe surfing. I reckon that would be a pretty sick lifestyle!”


Q. What advice would you give to someone who wants to try your sport for the first time?

“Get out there, have fun and ride all the time. You progress pretty quickly!”


Q. If you could have three wishes, what would they be?

“To have a big house with moto, rally, DH, and dirt jump tracks, a big bus for cruising around in and a money tree - that could be handy I reckon.”

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