Monday Apr 02, 2012

Austen Seaholm and Drew Bezanson Win Simple Sessions 12

The worlds most anticipated skateboarding and BMX contest Simple Session is all over for 2012!

Prizes were handed out last night at Saku Arena in Tallinn, Estonia to some of the most remarkable riders: Simple Session 12 BMX champion is once again the two-time winner Drew Bezanson (CAN), followed by two-time runner-up Brett "Maddog" Banasiewicz (USA) and Harry Main (GBR). The World Cup Skateboarding listed contest peaked with Austin Seaholm (USA) taking the gold, followed byAxel Cruysberghs (BEL) andSimon Stricker (SUI). The first ever girls BMX contest Sister Session top 3 wereCamila Harambour (CHI),Angie Marino (USA) andChiara Felder (GER).

Vans Best Trick winner was Jaakko Ojanen (FIN) for an ollie to crooked grind nollie flip out on the big flatbar, the toughest rail on the course. Runner up was Bastien Salabanzi (FRA) with his 360flip to frontside boardslide on the big rail. Third was Dan Wileman (GBR) and his 360 flip to 5-0 grind on the hubba ledge.

Chad Kerley(USA) broke last years Ty Morrow's Red Bull Bunnyhop contest record with 45.5 in / 115.6 cm. Gabe Brooks (USA) hopped even over 49 inch / 124,5 cm bar, but since this was after he had failed two tries on a lower bar, then it didn't count as awin.

Street Best Trick contest was won by Tony Neyer (USA), for his toothpick hangover to opposite toothy down the rail.

A special prize (500 EUR) presented by Swedbank was awarded to the best Estonian riders: skater Tim Prozorov, who finished 25th in the semi-finals, and BMX rider Andres Lainevool, who placed 25th as well and was the first person not too make the cut to the finals.

A total of 111 BMX riders and 72 skateboarders from around the world participated in the contest.

The prize purse of Simple Session 12 contests was 13,000 EUR.

The skateboarding judges panel consisted of Martin Karas (CZE), Janar Ilves (EST), Erki Lastik (EST), Vesa Ikola (FIN) and Kirill Korobkov (RUS). BMX main contest and Sister Session girls BMX jam was judged by Bart de Jong (NED), Achim Kujawski (GER), Antti Huottari (FIN), David Cleworth (GBR) and Jon Taylor (GBR).

Lifting the spirits of the riders and spectators were BMX announcers Zack "Catfish" Yankush and Darryl Nau, skate announcer Dave "Double D" Duncan and rapper-skateboarder Tom-Olaf "Reket" Urb.

SimpleSession 12 webcast was LIVE on Simple Session webpage and and you can watch everything as replays over here

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