Friday Oct 17, 2014

Randy Orton's Top 10 Action Sports RKO Vines

One of Extreme Sports Channel's biggest stars has invaded some of our favourite sports over the past couple of weeks to create one of the most hilarious vine crazes ever. 

And as the dust begins to settle, it's clear that WWE is standing victorious over BMX, skiing, skateboarding and freerunning thanks to Randy Orton.

Here's our ten favourite RKOs from the Viper on the unsuspecting members of the action sports community. OUT OF NOWHERE!

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Randy Orton vs Skater

Is that Nyjah Huston getting RKO'd? We appreciate the added effort of Randy's celebration pose.

Randy Orton vs Skater (with coffee)

Well that's embarrasing...

Randy Orton vs Brandon Begin

This crash was brutal even before The Viper got involved.

Randy Orton vs Skier

Randy Orton on skis. Enough said.

Randy Orton vs Freerunner

The Viper literally slithers his way into this freerunner's doomed line.

Randy Orton vs This Guy

He deserved his RKO.

Randy Orton vs Longboarder

Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it..... OUT OF NOWHERE!

Randy Orton vs BMXer

Perfectly executed front flip by Randy.

Randy Orton vs Crazy Freerunner

Randy adding insult to, what was probably, a very nasty injury.

Randy Orton vs Giraffe 

Ok, no action sports here, but we had to include the Giraffe RKO. No species is safe!

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